"In social and musical terms I find my teacher very perfect for a teacher. She knows what I like and what I'm interested in. She works hard and I enjoy her very much. If we had a scale between one and ten, I would surely give her a 10."

"I have been taking lessons from Bonnie for the last year. I returned to piano lessons as a very mature student with a definite goal in mind - to complete my grade eight. The lessons were a means to that end. Through Bonnie's patient guidance I have improved my playing considerably. I have also learned so much about the history of music, music theory, how to practice more effectively, etc. - the list goes on and on. She has encouraged me to challenge myself, and as a result, I have played in a Master Class and a Music Festival - something I never could have pictured a year ago. My lessons with Bonnie and my practice time are definitely highlights in my week. Somehow over the past year, the means have become much more important than the end. I hope to continue to study with her as long as she'll have me. She truly is my Miracle Worker."

"With Bonnie as my teacher, talents deep within myself were discovered and nurtured to blossom. Her musical expertise can be compared to that of a gardener: she knows the seed (talent) is deep within the earth (me), and that with TLC it can grow (work and encouragement). I would definitely recommend her to others."

"Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to learn and have fun doing it. I love being your pupil and hope to continue for many years."

"Thanks for your patience and encouragement."

"Thank you Bonnie for being my piano teacher. You taught me well."

"Thank you very much for helping me learn songs and being the best piano teacher!"