I have seventeen years teaching experience, and I have taught students of a variety of ages (4 to 54) and playing abilities (Beginner through Grade 10). I have helped many students prepare for Royal Conservatory exams and local festivals. I have also taught people who are interested in popular music and playing for their own enjoyment. I specialize in teaching students how to practice so that they can progress through the week and feel a sense of accomplishment from one lesson to the next.

In 2000, I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a Music major, and English minor. In April 2006, I completed my Masters of Music in Piano Pedagogy (study of teaching) at the same university.

I find teaching extremely enjoyable, and I especially love the new challenges and unique outlooks each individual student brings to a lesson. My favorite part of teaching is seeing my students progress as pianists and artists. I am sensitive to the needs of each student, and I provide lots of encouragement through the learning process. I have had a rewarding teaching career thus far, and I plan to continue teaching for many years to come.